Rebecca Bruns

"Underlying every conflict is an avoidance of commitment and a simultaneous yearning for it. Love is more than finding a mate and settling down in paradise. Love is embracing life, jumping into the adventure of it, tasting the great banquet, opening your senses to nuances, pain, pleasure, wonder--it's the commitment to living fully, and doing something with the experience."

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Tropical Travel Writer

With the May 13, 1994 passing of Rebecca Bruns, the publishing world lost one of its finest "tropical travel writers," an effervescent spirit whose passion for life illuminated her entire literary and artistic ouput. Her artist's eye gave each piece a visual richness that made destinations spring to life on the page, while her penchant for the offbeat nudged readers beyond the familiar well-grooved pathways. Her insights added depth, at times a spiritual guidance and wisdom that seemed beyond her years. Above all, it was her sheer gutsiness that tore open the boundaries that often limit travel writing--and other artistic enterprises as well.

It was this same warrior spirit that led her, during her final weeks, to contemplate questions of immortality. What would become of her work after her death, she wondered. Her immense creative legacy included a wide-ranging and evocative collection of literary and artistic treasures: paintings, drawings, illustrated children's books, sketchbooks, a play with illustrated costumes, essays and philosophical musings, poetry, travel articles and color slides, as well as notebooks full of ideas for unrealized projects. Twenty years of journals document the intense and thrilling, if often lonely and painful quest of this passionate seeker on her path to self-discovery.

--Carol Canter

Hidden Mexico

Adventurer's Guide to
the Beaches and Coasts

Rebecca simply adored Mexico and she knew it well. In short it became part of her life and even after her death. She loved everything about Mexico including the people, the food, the beaches and its rustic, down-to-earth charm. She was particularly fond of Baja California, where her ashes were spread on a remote beach with crystal tide pools.

Her love affair with this country gave birth to Hidden Mexico, Adventurer’s Guide to the Beaches and Coasts--a handbook to the best of its resorts, markets, villages, restaurants and other sights.